Tips for Buying/Selling a Home

Tips for Selling a Home

1. Make home improvements before listing.  With all of the foreclosures and short sales on the market, fixing up your home is a major selling point.

2. Have a home inspection done. Find out what problems you may have now and fix them before potentially losing a buyer.

3. Make your home available to be shown.  Having restrictive times and access to see your home will cause a potential buyers to skip over your home.

4. Get rid of the clutter.  De-personalize your home, which can include taking down pictures or boxing up all the knick- knacks.

5. Have a realistic idea of what your home is worth.  We all think our homes are worth a lot more, but buyers are educated on fair market value.

6. Listen to your agent's recommendations.  Your agent knows what it takes to sell your home.  Understand they are well informed of market trends.

Tips for Buying a Home

1. Start fixing your credit several months before purchasing a home.  Obtain a credit report and see what needs to be fixed.

2. Know how much home you can afford.  The general rule lenders follow is 30% of your payment-to-income ratio.

3. Research what loan is right for you.  Options to consider: time you plan on spending in home, down payment, monthly payment, etc. 

4. Get pre-approved instead of pre-qualified.  Getting pre-approved tells you what you can afford and makes offers more credible.

5. Location is key!  Buying a home in a good school district or desirable neighborhood makes your home more valuable to many future home buyers.

6. Get a professional realtor to help you.  Having a realtor working for you will help when it's time to put in an offer and negotiate.